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Another nutty conspiracy theory!! That’s what I first supposed. I now believe Columbus is guilty of a huge fraud.  - Prof. James T. McDonough, Jr.

Manuel Rosa (center) awarded PhD in Insular and Atlantic History (XV-XX Centuries) – Azores University “unanimously and with distinction” with a dissertation titled CRISTOFORO COLOMBO versus CRISTÓBAL COLÓN: Cristoforo  Colombo, weaver from Genoa, was not Don Cristóbal Colón, the navigator from Ibéria.  

Manuel Rosa is awarded top. 2017 MediaTravel Columbus Awards in Lodz, Poland, on October 28, 2017 in honor of  his research into Columbus’ life.

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- What Manuel Rosa has accomplished by writing "Columbus-The Untold Story" is stunning. Through his extensive research, familiarity with traditions and customs of the times, and his mastery of Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish, he has managed to piece together and expose a history, taught to us and our children, fraught with inaccuracies and outright lies about "The Great Discoverer," Christopher Columbus.

- A lot of detail… a fascinating story and impressive research.

- I have read many books on Columbus, but Columbus - The untold story gives only rational reason why Columbus advised the Spanish Crown to sail West to reach the Indies! He was Portuguese and a Portuguese agent.

- Sometimes the work of scrupulous historians with a very inquisitive mind offers us a very decent and convincing account on the historical revisionism. Recently Manuel Rosa the American amateur historian with Portuguese roots provided a book entitled “Columbus - The untold story'', in which he presented convincing theory already partially supported even by investigations of DNA material  … This is a example of a very decent and well-researched historical revisionism that is supported by the scrupulous and tedious analysis of available sources. 

- The truth is so much more exciting than fiction taught in school books. Columbus - The untold story has made me wonder... What other "history" has been twisted?

- Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence and Manuel Rosa did an unbelievable job as an investigative detective matching up documents from different countries to show how the world had accepted a history as being written in stone when it was actually written on shifting sands. The amount of new information in Columbus the Untold Story is amazing and it has convinced me that Columbus was indeed a Portuguese secret double agent and the 1492 voyage was all a big ruse against Spain. This book will make a great cloak and dagger film. I highly recommend its reading to anyone who likes history, true conspiracy and mystery detective novels, except this one turns out to be a true story.

- Fantastic book. The author methodically checks off the lies, the misinformation, the forgeries, and focuses on the aspects of Colón's life the historians have ignored or tried to explain away with ridiculous assertions…. I cannot wait for more information to come to light!

- Columbus the Untold Story deals meticulously over Columbus’s name and country of origin. I’ll say the book is painstaking in trying to determine Cristoforo’s birth and lineage through an interesting theory on why Columbus’s stuck to his discovery of ‘India.’

- If you want a book that is well researched, complete with details and sources, then this is the tome for you… a stunning array of artifacts and data, complete with DNA test results; one that resulted in the deceitfulness of power, of politics, false identities and false discoveries… connects the dots to a medieval conspiracy, so massive, so bold, so risky, and so well executed, that it has continued to fool the world for 500 years. Columbus the Untold Story , without a doubt, is one of the best to captivate me in a very long time.



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